Awning Jamaica

Jamaica combines elegance and durability. Its construction ensures high durability in intensive use, making it ideal for large terraces and commercial applications. The hinged arms of the awning are mounted on specially designed aluminum carriers crafted using CNC machine tools. The plate chains on the arms, along with precisely functioning components, guarantee the awning’s reliability over an extended period of use. For larger awnings, a central support for the roller blind tube ensures even tension across the fabric.

Supported by a sturdy steel box beam, the structure offers flexibility in bracket placement and facilitates easy installation. An optional aluminum cover provides protection for the rolled-up fabric. Structural elements are available in white, beige, brown, graphite gray, or silver powder paint finishes with a graphite gray option. Additionally, overlapping arms can be used.


The carriers, crafted from extruded aluminum and processed using CNC machine tools, support projection arms up to 4.1 meters in length. The optional cover shields the fabric from adverse weather conditions..

Available Structure Colors

For powder coating, Selt uses IGP-DURA®Clean powder paints supplied by the renown Swiss company IGP, providing a surface finish that repels dirt and is easy to maintain. The crank and drive unit are available in specific colors: RAL 9010, RAL 9013, RAL 8017, RAL 7035, RAL 7016.

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All acrylic fabrics are treated with protective agents TEFLON or SCOTCHGARD for excellent protection and increased water and dirt repellency. It’s important to note that exposure to acid rain, organic pollutants, or abrasive chemicals during cleaning may remove the protective finish layer of the fabric.

We offer three different edge types:

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The standard height of the edge is 210 mm. The edge is aesthetically finished with a border ribbon. For standard fabric, only edge type E is available.

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