Facade Venetian Blinds


Facade Venetian blinds are a practical solution for protecting your interior from overheating. These blinds are generally intended for installation on the outside of the building, but certain models can also be used indoors. Facade Venetian blinds effectively prevent sunlight from entering the room, while enhancing the modern look of your building.

Features of Facade Venetian Blinds:

  • Effectively block out the sun’s rays.
  • Ensure privacy.
  • Add a contemporary touch to the facade.

Our facade Venetian blinds come in a wide range of colors to suit your design preferences.

We offer two types of blinds: with C-shaped Slats that allow for adjustable light control and privacy; with Z-shaped Slats that are ideal for noise reduction and creating an almost completely dark environment when desired.

The slats are crafted from thin aluminum, providing compactness when assembled. Thanks to the shape resembling the letters C or Z, the slats are very stable. The width of one slat depends on the model, ranging from about 50 to 90 mm. The maximum width of the entire blind depends on the model, reaching up to 4.5 meters, the maximum height, in some cases, can even be up to 5 meters.

Textile elements, such as lifting belts and support structures, are made from durable, stretch and wear-resistant polyester, which are heat treated, weatherproof and UV resistant.

Our Venetian blinds are installed on the facade in minimalist cassettes for a clean finish and increased resistance to storm winds.

They can be operated manually or with an engine, controlled via switch, remote control, or automatic sensors. For example, you may also add full weather automation or solar sensors to the Venetian blinds. All our products come from leading European manufacturers.

Explore the different models of facade Venetian blinds below:

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