RTS Sensors

  • Eolis RTS Sensor

    The Eolis RTS is a radio-based control system with a wind sensor designed specifically for Altus RTS and Orea RTS engines, as well as LT engines for outdoor use. Wind speed is measured by the Eolis RTS sensor, and a wind speed threshold can be set. If the wind is too strong, the drive will automatically move up. Wind control is a safety feature that is always activated.

  • Eolis 3D Wirefree RTS

    The Eolis 3D Wirefree RTS sensor is used with RTS and LT RTS outdoor engines. It detects vibrations caused by strong winds and automatically closes the awning to protect the fabric, mechanism, and property in your absence. The Eolis 3D Wirefree RTS sensor is long-lasting and maintenance-free. When the battery is about to run out, a notification is displayed for easy battery replacement.

  • Soliris RTS Sensor

    The Soliris RTS sensor is used with Altus RTS and LT RTS outdoor engines (awnings/blinds and curtains/security curtains). SOLIRIS RTS 24V KIT Automatic Solar and Wind Sensor The Soliris RTS Solar and Wind Sensor automatically controls the motorized RTS system based on weather conditions.

  • Sunis Wirefree RTS

    The Sunis Wirefree RTS Solar Sensor is designed to automatically open awnings when the sun is shining. Compatible with Altus RTS, Orea RTS, and LT engines intended for outdoor use, it's a 100% autonomous radio solar sensor for awnings, insect nets, and security curtains, providing smart and autonomous control exactly when needed.



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