Facade Blinds

Fassaadirulood - Välirulood

Facade blinds are practical and modern window coverings, which are mainly intended for outdoor use, but they are also suitable for indoor conditions, for covering large surfaces, small windows, as well as rows of windows.

Features of Facade Blinds

  • Effectively block out the sun’s rays.
  • Reduce street noise.
  • Ensure privacy.
  • They are a stylish interior design element.

Facade blinds are available in very different sizes, reaching even 4-5 meters. Our outdoor blinds are crafted from PVC combined with polyester, ensuring easy maintenance and resistance to weather conditions and UV exposure. We offer a diverse selection of fabrics.

Control options for our facade blinds include manual operation from both inside and outside, as well as motorized options controlled by switches, remote controls, or automation systems. Weather sensors can also be integrated for added convenience and protection. All our products come from leading European manufacturers.

Choose from free-hanging or in-cassette solutions, with the option to add special tensioning or locking systems to many outdoor blinds for stability in very windy conditions. In most cases, facade blinds partially block the light, but we also have blinds that create complete darkness, both for indoor and outdoor use.

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