Curtains and blinds protect interior spaces from the eyes of strangers, regulate the temperature and amount of light in the rooms and are a versatile interior design element. Thanks to a wide range of materials and styles, you will find suitable curtains and blinds for every window, regardless of its shape and location, from Avaeksperdid. We provide suitable solutions for homes, offices, summer cottages, party halls, bathrooms etc.

Practical curtains and curtains beautifying the windows

Window treatments are divided roughly into two – functional curtains and decorative curtains. Installing curtains with a design that you like is an excellent way of refreshing and personalizing rooms.

Decorative curtains and blinds

The range of decorative curtains and blinds contains different colours, patterns and decorations, airy materials and thicker fabrics – just let your imagination run wild when ordering a suitable solution.

Functional curtains and blinds

In addition to beautifying the window and the room, functional curtains and blinds also perform a certain task, such as:

  • blackout curtains – an ideal solution if you like to sleep longer in the mornings and you do not want the sunlight to disturb your sleep;
  • heat-reflective curtains – they help to keep the room warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer; this way you can save on fuel bills and you do not need to use the air conditioning so much in summer;
  • noise-reducing curtains – curtains made of thick fabric isolate the outside noise, making the stay in the living quarters and in working spaces more pleasant;
  • motorized curtains – a great solution if your home has lots of windows, or it is difficult to access them: one push of the button is all that is needed to get all the curtains into the desired positions.

Naturally, you do not have to choose between one or another – curtains can be very practical and a stylish design element at the same time.

Want to find suitable curtains – where to start?

The choice of curtains and blinds depends on the purpose of the room, the positioning of the windows, the desired functionality, the preferred design and many other factors. Since new window treatment solutions constantly enter the market, and trends also change, we recommend starting the choice of curtains from familiarizing yourself with different types of curtains and blinds. In our extensive product range, you will find classic textile curtains, popular roller blinds, functional pleated blinds, comfortable Roman blinds, stylish bamboo blinds, fashionable panel curtains as well as vertical blinds and Venetian blinds that are widespread in offices.

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