Curtain hangers

The selection of curtain supports is impressive with all supports tailored to meet the needs of your premises. We have a wide range of models and colours for plastic and aluminium tracks. Plus, we offer curtain rods for all tastes and any interior styles. For example, lighter curtains could go with more decorative curtain rods whereas more demanding and heavier fabrics could use the rod only as a hanger which is merely noticeable. If window surfaces protrude from the wall, are curved, or the hanger should have a nice end arch, we recommend using aluminium tracks which can be easily bent as necessary.

Glydea™ actuators for textile curtains

Glydea™ curtain actuators meet the requirements of even the most prominent of rooms. Electrically powered curtains have become standard for top of the line projects, for example, prominent hotels, luxury residences as well as meeting and conference rooms. The Glydea™ mechanism is inconspicuous, flexible and durable making it possible to employ a multitude of solutions as per customer’s request.

Glydea actuators for textile curtains provide added value to your premises on the demanding market.

  • Glydea™ actuators highlight your premises for user-friendliness.
  • Glydea™ actuators simplify the work of the service staff.
  • Glydea™ actuators ensure the level of comfort that the users and visitor of conference rooms and the like are used to.
  • The automatic control function of Glydea™ actuators makes it possible to save energy and enhance the level of security (imitation of presence).

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