Electrical Glydea actuators

Glydea™ actuators for textile curtains

  • Silent

Thanks to an actuator with special structure and a synchronous belt, the curtain mechanism has a low noise level (<44 dB(A)).
Smooth start and stop.

  • Comfortable

The function “Touch Motion” allows opening and closing the curtain simply by pulling the fabric once.
The function “my” allows setting the curtain in your favourite position by a single press of a button.
Adjustable movement speed: 12.5-20 cm/s.

  • Durable

Somfy innovation: the system Lyrease automatically releases the actuator drive shaft when the curtain is moved manually to protect the fabric.
The adjustment buttons and drive mechanism are not accessible to users.
Once installed, the mechanism is maintenance-free.

Glydea™ curtain actuators meet the requirements of even the most prominent of rooms. Electrically powered curtains have become standard for top of the line projects, for example, prominent hotels, luxury residences as well as meeting and conference rooms. The Glydea™ mechanism is inconspicuous, flexible and durable making it possible to employ a multitude of solutions as per customer’s request.

Glydea actuators for textile curtains provide added value to your premises on the demanding market.

  • Glydea™ actuators highlight your premises for user-friendliness.
  • Glydea™ actuators simplify the work of the service staff.
  • Glydea™ actuators ensure the level of comfort that the users and visitor of conference rooms and the like are used to.
  • The automatic control function of Glydea™ actuators makes it possible to save energy and enhance the level of security (imitation of presence).

Glydea™ – the difference is in details

The Glydea™ drive system stands out due to its simple form and the elaborate design of the actuator and tracks.


  • A wide range of components for various curtain types.
  • Somfy innovation: modules with plug connectors to integrate the device with different control systems.


  • Somfy innovation: housing with patented design to conceal the electrical wiring and protect the actuator components and control devices.
  • Smaller light gap thanks to the specially designed tracks and the lever-equipped ceiling bracket.
  • Adjustable limit stops which allow the curtain to hang freely.


  • A wide range of solutions using just a single track, two actuator types and several different control modules.
  • The multitude of combinations enables a variety of solutions.


  • Track length up to 15 m
  • Minimum bend radius 30 cm
  • Wide range of tracks with different shapes
  • Curtain weight up to 100 kg
  • Wide range of accessories for adapting to different curtain types

Easy to install

  • From off-the-shelf solutions to more complicated systems
  • The actuator can be concealed by mounting on top of a suspended ceiling
  • The actuator can be installed on site to either side (left/right)
  • Automatic or adjustable setting of limit stops
  • Regular or lever-equipped brackets
  • Integrated 24V power supply

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