Warranty conditions

The warrantor is Avaeksperdid OÜ, located at Kalda 9a, Tallinn, 11625. In order to realize the rights arising from the warranty, the defective product must be submitted to the company (in full completeness, unless agreed upon otherwise). The warranty coverage area is the Republic of Estonia and the exact duration of the Warranty is specified separately for each product in the product’s sales document.

Along with the product, a written claim has to be submitted, containing:

  1. the sales document (proof of purchase, showing the date when the purchase was made);
  2. the time when the deficiency appeared and the description of the deficiency;
  3. information about the transporter and installer of the product.

The warranty claim must be submitted as soon as possible, but not later than 3 months after the time when the buyer became aware or should have become aware of the deficiency. The warranty gives the buyer the right to demand that during the warranty period, the product is repaired or replaced for free.

The warranty covers:

  • the product’s structure;
  • the product’s finishing;
  • installation work carried out by the manufacturer;
  • damages caused during transportation, in case the transport of the product is carried out by the manufacturer.

The warranty does not apply:

  • to damages or wear arising from the natural wear and tear of the product;
  • when the product is not used as it is intended;
  • in case of intentional or unintentional damaging of the product;
  • to damages arising from unforeseen circumstances, such as damages caused by natural disasters;
  • in case of incorrect installation of the product, if the works were not carried out by the manufacturer;
  • to a product, which has been treated with an unsuitable finishing agent;
  • to damages caused by incorrect storage of the product;
  • to installation mistakes if the installation was not performed by the manufacturer.

In addition to the rights arising from the warranty provided by Avaeksperdid OÜ, the consumer has other rights arising from the law. In case of warranty-related issues, please contact our customer service info@avaeksperdid.ee.



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