Balcony Italia

Balcony Italia is an aesthetic sun shade and a practical decoration for balconies, terraces, and inset balconies. The distinctive arms of this awning are designed to be attached to the balcony’s parapet. Their unique design allows for adjustable positioning according to your preferences. Hooks at each end of the arm secure it to the front bar, while excess fabric is rolled up to achieve optimal tension. The lightweight construction of the awning facilitates easy installation. Mounting the arms to the parapet provides additional installation options when securing it to the balcony. Structural elements are coated with white powder paint.

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The aluminum arms and mounting brackets ensure both durability and ease of installation, thanks to their lightweight construction.

Available Structure Colors

For powder coating, Selt uses IGP-DURA®Clean powder paints supplied by the renown Swiss company IGP, providing a surface finish that repels dirt and is easy to maintain.

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All acrylic fabrics are treated with protective agents TEFLON or SCOTCHGARD for excellent protection and increased water and dirt repellency. It’s important to note that exposure to acid rain, organic pollutants, or abrasive chemicals during cleaning may remove the protective finish layer of the fabric.

We offer three different edge types:

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The standard height of the edge is 210 mm. The edge is aesthetically finished with a border ribbon. For standard fabric, only edge type E is available.

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