The main advantage of the XXL system is the ability to cover large surfaces. Designed for use in industrial buildings, it can be mounted on walls or ceilings with sturdy cast aluminum brackets. Refleksol XXL is also available in a free-hanging version for indoor use.
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The structure comes in standard colors (RAL 9010 white, RAL 9007 silver, RAL 9006 white) and can be customized to any RAL color upon special order.

Engine and Automation

We provide solutions from leading European manufacturers, including complete weather automation, solar sensors, silent engines, engines with transceivers, and remote controls. Both electric and manual drive options are available.

Guide Cable

2.5 mm stainless-steel cable encased in a transparent plastic jacket for better performance. Aesthetically finished with stainless-steel elements.

Lower Bar

The Ø42 lower bars can be utilized for both the free-hanging version and the Ø2.5 version with a guide cable.

The manufacturer retains the right to change and/or improve the design and construction.

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