Ref 76

The main advantage of Refleksol 76 is its small cassette. Depending on your configuration preferences, you can select from various options: conventional guides, aesthetic guide cables or a complete blackout system (for indoor use only). The locking system is exclusively available for Refleksol 76 equipped with an engine.

picture (3)Structure

The structure comes in standard colors (RAL 9010 white, RAL 9007 silver, RAL 9006 white) and can be customized to any RAL color upon special order.

Engine and Automation

We provide solutions from leading European manufacturers, including complete weather automation, solar sensors, silent engines, engines with transceivers, and remote controls. Both electric and manual drive options are available.

Lateral Guide Rails

Depending on where you’re installing the system, you have different options: aesthetic stainless-steel cable, lateral guide rail G31, indoor-only guide rail G80, which offers complete blackout capability. Both lateral guide rails G31 and G80 can serve as support structures for the cassette.

Locking System (Optional)

The locking system, available as an option, significantly enhances the usability of the blinds, especially during strong gusts of wind. It automatically tightens the fabric when fully unrolled and the lower bar is locked in place.

The manufacturer retains the right to change and/or improve the design and construction.

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