Casette roller blind Zebra

Kassettruloo ZebraZebra blinds feature two parallel vertical fabric surfaces with alternating transparent and opaque horizontal stripes.

By pulling the chain, the opaque stripe of one fabric layer moves behind the transparent one of the other layer, instantly changing the curtain’s opacity. Pull the chain again, and the blind returns to its signature design with alternating stripes. Additionally, the Zebra blind can be lifted like a conventional blind, freeing the window surface. This allows for customizable coverage, such as covering half or three-quarters of the window. When lowered, the blind diffuses sharp sunlight while maintaining visibility and without darkening the room.

The fabrics’ different shades and stripe intensities allow for softer or more contrasting designs. The Zebra cassette blind can be enjoyed as a standalone product or combined with textile curtains.

The Zebra’s upper roll is neatly concealed in a white cassette, providing a tidy appearance and protecting the curtain’s mechanisms. A well-designed bottom slat ensures a clean finish and prevents light streaks between the slat and the fabric.

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