Irismo® Wirefree RTS Engine

Battery-powered Curtain Engine

  • Rechargeable battery-powered engine with a battery life of up to 9 months, tested on a straight 6 m two-way rail and 45 kg curtains opened and closed once a day, with an indoor temperature of 25 °C.
  • Easy installation: no wires needed, the engine runs on battery
  • Up to 45 kg of curtains on a straight 10 m two-way rail
  • Silent structure: low noise level (44 dB)
  • Features
    • Adjustable speed: up to 20 cm/s
    • Smooth start and stop of curtains
    • Manual control option in case of power failure
    • Touch Motion feature: simply pull the fabric slightly to open and close the curtain
    • Compatible with the “my” comfort position feature: the curtain can be moved to your favorite position with one click
    • Integrated Somfy RTS radio receiver for remote control
  • 5-year warranty (registered product only) (battery pack and charger not included)

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