Veranda FTS System

The Veranda FTS with a fabric tensioning system is engineered to cover flat horizontal and inclined surfaces, including conservatories or skylights. Dual engines with integrated load sensors ensure continuous fabric tension, even across expansive areas. This system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Veranda fts system-2Constructed from robust aluminum, the cassette is supported by lateral guide rails featuring mounting accessories. The manufacturer retains the right to change and/or improve the design and construction.


Constructed from extruded aluminum, the system is also offered in a modular version.


Thanks to the combination of PVC with polyester, our fabrics are easy to maintain, weatherproof, and UV resistant.

Engine and Automation

We provide solutions from leading European manufacturers, including complete weather automation, solar sensors, and remote controls.

Fabric Tightening System

Unlike conventional commercially available systems, the fabric is tightened by two engines with built-in load sensors. The engines collaborate to maintain consistent tension on the fabric.

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