Awning Helios

The HELIOS terrace awning is a dependable sun shading solution. Its closed cassette system ensures versatility, allowing for installation in both sheltered and exposed areas. The cassette effectively shields the fabric from rain, snow, and dirt. We also offer a comprehensive range of accessories to enhance your experience: an engine equipped with emergency opening capabilities, remote control, and a wind sensor. The wind sensor enables the awning to respond dynamically to changing wind speeds, automatically closing when necessary.

Available Structure Colors

  • White
  • Silver
  • Brown
  • Anthracite

Max. width x max. depth: 6000 x 3500 mm
Min. width x max. (min.?) depth: 2832 x 2500 mm
Tilt angle: 3–72° (on the wall)

Cassette: yes
Fabric Green: 2 colors
Front edge: no

Electric drive: yes
Manual drive: yes
Automatic control: engine, engine with emergency opening capabilities, remote control, wind sensor

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