Infared heaters

What is an infrared heater?

Infrared heater is a device which uses infrared or thermal radiation to heat objects or persons within its range. No time is spent on heating the air. The infrared heater may be switched on only while staying in its immediate vicinity. Quartz and halogen lamps are used as heating elements.

Where to use infrared heaters?

Infrared heaters are used in large spaces where heating the air is too costly (high rooms) or there is no thermal insulation. Infrared heaters are used on the terraces of restaurants, bars and malls as well as in open-air diners. Likewise, they are used to heat kiosks, warehouses, production facilities, etc. In individual use, infrared heaters warm up summer cottages, balconies, open-air kitchens and sauna terraces.

Which model to choose?

The most important point when choosing an infrared heater is to dimension the device properly, i.e. sufficient power for the heated area in question. The heat from the device must reach the persons to be warmed. It is advisable to install several infrared heaters for large areas so that they would direct heat from different sides of the area.

We supply infrared heaters installed under awnings or positioned on a stand.

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